Overview is fast, easy and powerful online data analysis for categorical data. It supports Triple S data and NIPO var+dat data. It has simple but powerful permissions and access management. And it has built-in utilities for integrating seamlessly with various interview systems.


Tables are generated on the fly. Not based on a cube, DSPL archive, or any other precomputed result, but straight from the raw data. Like R or SPSS desktop, only fast.


Setting up tables is a breeze. Setting up statistics is even simpler. And setting up filters is so simple that it makes you wonder why no one thought of that before.


95% of the statistics and table options that you need are right there in the options dialogs. And the remaining 5% can be scripted - using the embedded Diamond scripting language.


User management and styling options as you would expect in an online environment. Clean HTML5 output. Flash free charting.