The Nebu engineering team has recently added an innovative new platform to their system that allows external services to integrate seamlessly with the Nebu interview system.

It's basically an app shop like the one you would find on your smartphone, only for market research technology. There are panel providers, social media tools, and file storage providers.

Overview is the first online reporting provider in the shop. It is rapidly proving to be a winner in terms of simplicity, efficiency and value for money.

How does it work?

  1. Enable reporting on a Nebu project
  2. Access Overview report on provided link
  3. Add tables, charts, styles
  4. Add users and decide who gets to see what

Done! The report is good to go. After that, there is minimal maintenance:

  • One click data syncing when desired
  • Pay as you go with one click credit allocation - a low fixed fee will be subtracted from your Nebu credit account, and will give you another month's worth of reporting.

We encourage all Nebu users to give it a try - you get 2 weeks unlimited access for free! You will be surprised at how easy and powerful it is.