Overview implements first class support for NIPO data. That is because the Diamond engine, the analysis engine in Overview, originated from the NIPO engineering team.

This analysis engine is what gives Overview its fast and its powerful.

Besides data compatibility, Overview offers an array of customized tools to better manage your NIPO fieldwork:

Nipo Classic Toolbox

For NIPO Fieldwork System (NFS) users, the Nipo Classic toolbox offers a number of fieldwork progress report tools. These tools are custom built to report on NFS sample tables, s-files, and ini-files, so that reports based on these data sources do not require any preprocessing or setup. They will give you all the core information you need about your fieldwork progress in a single and quick executive summary.

For the data, the integration is even simpler: simply point your data reository to be the NIPO Survey directory and you are good to go. As a bonus, the built in archiving helps you keep your disk usage under control.

These are the available tools:

Quota Overview

The classic quota overview reads your quota specs and the state of affairs. It gives all of the standard quota cell information (target, achieved, eliminated, etc) plus a few more advanced ones such as "response rate" (aka incidence) and "expected completes"

Response Overview

The good old response (or disposition) overview. Counts displayed as frequencies, percentages, or bars.

Bird's Eye View

A summary showing number of interviewing days passed as a count, a percentage and a bar. It can also show the average interview duration, and the number of completes (again as a count, a percentage of the target, and a bar)

Appointment overview

A listing of the appointments due, and whether they are definites or not

Nipo Nfield

The Nipo Nfield toolbox provides out of the box quota overviews for Nfield projects. The hierarchical quota definition is broken down in rows by sampling point and by fieldwork office. There are options to show and hide various available counts, and to mark cells that are over quota